Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When Words Collide: Don't Fear the Legion

Just in time for Geoff Johns and George Perez's Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1, I've written a "Don't Fear the Legion" reading list for the newest installment of CBR's "When Words Collide." It's not just a glorified promo for my upcoming Teenagers from the Future book (although if you want to go out and buy that book when it premieres later this month, you totally should); it's a guide to ten essential Legion stories that you'll probably want to read now that Johns and Perez have primed you for some 30th/31st century superhero action.

So check out "Don't Fear the Legion," and stop back here tomorrow for my annotations on Legion of Three Worlds. Who doesn't love annotations?!? (And, man, that issue is going to require a LOT of notes.)

Special thanks to CAMERON MORGAN for designing the new logo for my column, as seen above!


Marc Caputo said...

Of course, that's one of the four books my store DIDN'T get today.

Between that and the 11th hour delay of All-Star Superman 12 and Superman: Beyond, man! am I pissed!

Marc Caputo said...

...and I'm back. I see my DnA man (men?)crush is shared by others.

Here's hoping Johns and Perez kick the type of ass they can and that DnA get 5 years each on Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Timothy Callahan said...

Yeah, but Nova kind of sucks. Sorry to break it to you.

FC:Lo3W is awesome, though. Surely you have other comic shops in the area?

Marc Caputo said...

I LIKE Nova! Seriously, though, what's so bad about it? True, they haven't really cut loose to this point like they had on Majestic (God, I loved that series), but there's been nothing to be embarrassed about, either.

And actually, for a major outer borough like Queens, we don't have a large selection of LCSs. The next closest one is Klock's LCS, but it's out of my way. My girl said she'd have the stuff tomorrow. I'm looking at 4-6 weeks of new books as it is; being that I'm a "read-up" kind of guy, I wouldn't get to it until then anyway.

Timothy Callahan said...

Reading Nova lately has been like watching two computers talk to one another. Nova needs to get back where there are some humans (or at least humanoids) to interact with.

Name one interesting character moment or plot event in the last handful of issues. I can't think of any, and I've been trying to enjoy the comic. But it's just not working.

Simon Astor said...

Caw, I picked this book up at the New York Comic Con without realizing I was getting it so far in advance of publication. Just dropping you a line to let you know how excellent I find it and how much I'm enjoying it. Really well curated.
Enjoyed your column today on CBR as well.

Timothy Callahan said...

Thanks Raven! I didn't expect the final version to take so long either. So, yeah, that NYCC edition was a super-exclusive early release.