Monday, August 25, 2008

Watchmen Part II Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

The Splash Page is a little late this week, but if you're interested in the second, and final, part of our discussion with Justin Dickinson about Watchmen, it's now posted for your reading pleasure.

Chad and I have plenty to say about the book, and Justin brought some insight and a fresh perspective as a new reader. It's good stuff, and it's probably the last you'll ever hear about Watchmen from anyone on the internet. I can't imagine anyone talking about it at all over the next year or so, can you?

So, enjoy it while it lasts -- a rare discussion of an obscure little graphic novel: Watchmen, now available on the internet's hottest arena for smarty-pants chit-chat: The Splash Page.

Or, as always, click away: HERE.

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