Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yes, I'm in Watchmen mode, but who isn't? Everyone's thinking about this thing these days. So when I found out that one of my former students--one who has never really read comics--finally read Watchmen last week, well I had to take advantage of that.

So Chad Nevett and I invited him to The Splash Page, where we could taunt him about his foolish ignorance about comic book tropes and traditions and school him in the ways of Alan Moore.

But Justin Dickinson held his own against the geek onslaught, and offered a fresh perspective on a graphic novel that is so ingrained in us that we can barely remember life before Watchmen.

Join us as we discuss morality and superheroics and everything in between in the newest installment of Alan Moore's favorite internet chat-piece: The Splash Page.

Or, as always, click. HERE.


Chad Nevett said...

Since I've been around comics my entire life, I honestly can't remember a life without Watchmen...

Matt St. Pierre said...

Hey, I remember Justin. We stabbed each other with pencils back in 6th grade.

Marc Caputo said...

I remember my first encounter with Watchmen. It was during my self-imposed exile from comics (1985-1990 - y'know, the lean years.)
Over 3 weeks of subway rides, Mike Carswell acted the whole thing out, then lent me the trade. Within 2 years, I was back.