Friday, August 22, 2008

1920's Batman: Silent Shadow of the Bat-Man

Using silent film footage reconfigured, edited, and transposed with new title cards, filmmaker Andre Perkowski has created a look at what a Batman film might have looked like, circa 1926. Part One features the origin of the Bat-Man:

Part Two features the Bat-Man's greatest enemies:

Perkowski has posted the first part of a two-part "Arkham Asylum" movie, but I'll link to that later this weekend, when the second part becomes available as well. I also have an exclusive interview with the filmmaker coming soon!

Forgotten imaginary Bat-Man films of the 1920's are good.

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Anonymous said...

total genius and elseworlds beyond belief, if dc had more taste they would hire him to do these sorts of projects officially for their website with a few helpers.