Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 10.2: Feiffer, Chad's Prejudice!

This is the episode where I explain Jules Feiffer to Chad, and Chad explains his prejudice toward southern accents to me. Plus, we talk comics, like Scalped and the Incredibles.

And other important stuff. Like what I'm going to submit for my "When Words Collide" column. Except that already happened. It's like a time capsule in an internet audio can.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 10.1: Deadshot, Clooney!

So just as we start recording, my headset mic starts to sputter and blink and stop working. That was annoying. Luckily I had an external mic and a different set of headphones nearby, so I used those for this week's Splash Page Podcast, but now my audio sounds like I was recording from inside a fish tank.

If you can get past that, I'm sure you'll find a lot to like about this episode, as Chad and I spend most of the time making fun of stuff and barely make any valid points about anything. Well, I mean, I make plenty of valid points, but they are couched in humor and irony. And Chad, I don't know what he's talking about half the time. He hadn't even heard of Jules Feiffer until ten minutes ago.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 9.2: Vampires, Soldiers, Superheroes

I haven't linked to the Splash Page podcast episode 9.2 yet? I assume you all subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or some magical internet app that I don't understand. So these postings are probably superfluous anyway.

But maybe not. Maybe you check this site every day and await further updates. Those "daily" updates I mockingly reference in the masthead. Ha!

Well, here's the second part of last week's podcast, then. Where we talk about "American Vampire," "Batman," "Battlefields," "Joe the Barbarian" and who knows what else. It's good, though. I assure you.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast Episode 9.2!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 9.1: Siegey, Wrestley

I'll be reviewing "WWE Heroes" for CBR this week, but Chad and I talk about the comic in the Splash Page Podcast and we may or may not have anything nice to say about it.

We also talk "Siege" #3 and some other related stuff.

Plus, I tell Chad about "Amazing Heroes," a magazine that he had never heard of in his life! Crazy, I know.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast Episode 9.1!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 8.2: Swampy, Dr. Strangeriffic

I never posted a link to part two of Episode 8? Well, here you go.

With Episode 9 coming very soon, now's your chance to listen to the Splash Page Podcast ep in which Chad and I sort of wrap up our "Sandman" discussion, talk about other random comics of the week -- like that fancy Dr. Strange black and white book with Frazer Irving in it -- and probably say plenty of other smart stuff.

Like how "The Anatomy Lesson" is the best single issue ever. I think I say that. Because it's true. I don't know. Listen for yourself and judge.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast Episode 8.2!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 8.1: Amazonian, Sandmanny.

Once upon a time, I scored a TON of comics on the cheap from a little store named I talk about that a little and then Chad Nevett get into our usual comic chit-chat and possibly make fun of a whole bunch of people and or fictional characters.

But we also talk "Sandman," the Neil Gaiman epic that has either fallen out of favor or has become such a venerated classic that no one bothers to actually look at the comics anymore. Its legend, its reputation, has surpassed its actuality. Is it just a goth/emo comic for the 1990s? Is it good-to-middling fantasy? Is it amazing?

Chad and I talk about the first sixteen issues of the series and... well, you'll have to listen to find out.

LISTEN: The Splash Page Podcast Episode 8.1!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Splash Page Podcast Episode 7.2: Demotastic, Marvellous (Boy)

Chris Bachalo, I love you, but this is the worst costume design you've ever perpetrated on the world of Marvel characters who started out as proto-Ultimate universe characters and later turned into Dark Avengers and now are completely marginalized in the back of poorly-written comics. And if Chris Bachalo didn't design this costume, I forgive him.

This podcast episode is all about Noh Varr, except the parts where we talk about "Demo" and "Ultimate Avengers" and a bunch of other stuff.

Oh, and we answer the cliffhanger from Ep. 7.1 Sort of.

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 7.1: Controversy! Pulp!

Two episodes again this week, because we love to talk about comics. And sometimes we say stuff about "Punisher: Butterfly" and "Girl Comics" and "First Wave." We court controversy by daring to criticize one of those comics. Bold, we are.

Oh, and I pimp "Project Rooftop 2.0," because I'm all over that.

And, other stuff.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast 7.1!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Splash Page Podcast 6.2: Marvels Project, Scalped, More!

Another podcast in less than a week? Yes, because though I promised we'd stick with a once-a-week schedule, Chad and I just had too much to say last week. And we didn't want you to miss it.

In this episode, we talk about specific comics from the past week, and probably make fun of some and talk in hushed, reverent whispers about others. I'm sure we said some really smart stuff, some really dumb stuff, and quoted at least one television theme song starring Tom Wopat.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast Episode 6.2!