Saturday, March 13, 2010

Splash Page Podcast Episode 7.2: Demotastic, Marvellous (Boy)

Chris Bachalo, I love you, but this is the worst costume design you've ever perpetrated on the world of Marvel characters who started out as proto-Ultimate universe characters and later turned into Dark Avengers and now are completely marginalized in the back of poorly-written comics. And if Chris Bachalo didn't design this costume, I forgive him.

This podcast episode is all about Noh Varr, except the parts where we talk about "Demo" and "Ultimate Avengers" and a bunch of other stuff.

Oh, and we answer the cliffhanger from Ep. 7.1 Sort of.

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcase Episode 7.2!


Chad Nevett said...

"Sort of?" We answer the hell out of it!

Timothy Callahan said...

We "answered" it.

Chad Nevett said...

...I am so lost right now. Then again, I'm watching the Big Show choke out John Morrison, so I'm a little distracted -- oh, Morrison made it to the ropes!

Matt Seneca said...

Great sports comics: "Cotton Woods", by Ray Gotto. It was a 1940s continuity strip that used the daily newspaper format to great effect in capturing the action of sports. Beautifully drawn and the Kitchen Sink collection usually goes for pennies on Amazon -- definitely worth checking out.

B. Woodworth said...

I'd be interested to hear a little more discussion of art criticism and maybe more artist compare and contrast sessions. As a reader who grew up on the Age of Awesome roster of artists I'm kind of coming to terms with what makes this kind of art good while this other art over here is not so good (although, I must admit, I STILL love me some Jim Lee pencils).

I'd be interested to hear a compare and contrast of the styles of the aforementioned Mr. Lee versus, say, John Byrne (because, I think they have a very similar style and, for me, pointing out differences, excluding Lee's linework, is a struggle). Or, perhaps an Ed McGuinness/Mike Mignola throwdown (Who's "better" and why?). How would you go about describing the differences between a Dale Keown and a Todd McFarlane? I'm sure whatever you guys come up with will be enlightening.

Anyways, the show is great, don't change a thing, I'm just throwing out ideas hur--as the kids say.