Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Annotated Chemical Box UPDATED

I recently appeared as a guest on The Chemical Box podcast to talk about comics and movies and writing about comics and not having time to watch movies.


These are the Top 10 Annotations for the episode.

1. The Golden Age spaceman comics of Basil Wolverton are good.

2. This guy doesn't like Rob Liefeld much, but he's dead wrong and you can tell just by looking at the sweet art he uses as examples. Also: Rob Liefeld drew THIS kernel of greatness.

3. Alec likes Savage Dragon comics a lot, especially this one but also all these ones.

4. Joey likes Suburbia, mostly because it was written by this guy, but also because it was directed by this guy, and stars this other guy. Tim agrees.

5. Mark Bagley used to be good. Oh wait, no he didn't.

6. We didn't talk about this movie at all.

7. Abhay didn't like this comic very much, and we wondered why the men-in-suits-shuffling-paperwork genre was popular with podcasters with bad taste.

8. Michael Deforge wrote and drew this just so Joey would have something to do for a month.

9. This is definitely NOT the best comic ever. But THIS may be!

10. There exists a demarcation in the world. On the one side, those who think they like movies but are actually quite ignorant and possibly evil. On the other side, those who actually like movies and have immense knowledge and insight. You can tell you're talking to someone in the former category because they continue to insist that this is a good movie, even though everyone else in the world knows they are wrong. I mean, yeesh!