Monday, August 11, 2008

Chris Weston

I like The Twelve so far, but I think--out of all the artists working today--Chris Weston is the one who could pull off a Watchmen-caliber work, with his attention to detail. The Twelve isn't it. The Filth isn't (quite) it.

Who would you like to see Chris Weston work with to produce a masterpiece of graphic narrative?

[Note: he's really good at drawing deadly robot genitals.]


Matt Jacobson said...

I guess the obvious answer is Grant Morrison, but I'd really like to see him work with Pete Milligan, provided we get the Milligan who wrote Enigma, Shade, Skreemer, and X-Statix. Weston's art always looks like some kind of weird mirror universe reality to me where everyone is a posed action figure (that's what his figures always look like to me). I think that would fit with Milligan really well.

Chad Nevett said...

I'd agree with Peter Milligan. Although, my first choice would be Warren Ellis. I know they worked on Ministry of Space together, but give them a large project. Ellis has that right mix of realism and insanity for Weston, I think.

Timothy Callahan said...

How about a 12-issue Fraction/Weston original superhero saga?

I'd read the hell out of that.

Mark Kardwell said...

Nowt wrong with THE FILTH. I think posterity will rank it quite highly.

Anonymous said...

Fraction or maybe Cornell...another Morrison work would be epic.