Friday, August 15, 2008

Captain Britain and MI:13 #4 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Captain Britain and MI: 13 #4, about which I write the following sentences: "What makes this comic work, I think, isn't so much the art, which is fine. It's better than fine. Leonard Kirk does a nice job with everything here -- let's call the style he uses in this series a mix of Alan Davis and Barry Kitson. That sounds good, right? So the art does what it's supposed to, although I wouldn't buy it just to look at the nice panels. It's really the relationships between the characters that makes it all work so well. Cornell had 'Wisdom' as a lead-in (although as a MAX series, I'm not sure how that works), but even without those six prequel issues, he clearly distinguishes between the rather large cast almost immediately. Four issues in, we know who's who and what they're all about. We get the relationship between Tink and Pete Wisdom. We see what John the Skrull is made of. We even learn what makes the Black Knight tick, and what kind of person Faiza is. (And, not to spoil anything, but Faiza is a very important addition to the series, as you'll see.) Cornell is good at portraying these characters within a plot that is relatively traditional."

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James said...

Yeah, Leonard Kirk's kind of disappointed me in the last few issues, because I pretty much did buy the first one to look at this panel. 'Cause, y'know... awesome.