Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ghost Rider #26 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Ghost Rider #26, about which I write the following sentences: "Danny Ketch's motorcycle in the background of page three is the only thing that gives it away as a 'Ghost Rider' comic. Ketch himself is on the page, smack in the foreground, but Tan Eng Huat's expressive line and twisted anatomy render him almost unrecognizable. That's okay though, because we can see the bike, and his identity is pretty clear by the context. But the rest of the characters on the page? They look like they stepped straight out of the Brotherhood of Dada Auxiliary. They are Morrison rejects, and their presence here livens up the comic to a gleefully twisted level. If you're interested -- and who wouldn't be? -- the characters are the all-new Orb, dressed like an orange Evel Knievil with a giant eyeball instead of a head; Doghead, part man and mostly pit bull; Death Ninja, the zombie ninja dressed in crimson; and Blackout, with the braided white hair and purple trenchcoat. Based on the dialogue, I'm guessing some or all of these characters have appeared before. But they're new to me, and they are great additions to Aaron's menagerie."

[Note: Since writing the review, I've learned that all of the weirdos in the issue have appeared in Ghost Rider stories before. That does not diminish my appreciation of them one single bit. Also, the image here is from one of the Orb's original appearances. He's even more badass in this new issue, believe it or not.]

Read the entire review HERE.

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