Monday, August 04, 2008

Nevett on Chandler on Comic Book Mysteries

I assume most of you read Chad Nevett's blog, but for those of you who don't, you really need to check out Chad's recent posts where he applies Raymond Chandler's "Twelve Notes on the Mystery Story" to various superhero comics.

So far he's done Identity Crisis and Broken City, and knowing Chad, he has more planned before he's through.

It's good stuff. And smart.

Check out all of his Chandler on Comics posts HERE.


Chad Nevett said...

Thank you, sir. Your post humbles me. Especially since I have no other ideas for the series (actually, I do have one, but the trade that story is in is back at my parents' house--it being "Murder at the Mansion" or whatever--Morrison's X-Men story where Emma Frost got shot). But, I do plan to continue the series indefinitely and need to actually look through the trades and singles I have here. I'm probably forgetting all of the mystery stories I own in comic book form. Hell, I just realised that Strange Kiss is a mystery story... About a giant lizard using fake people to impregnate real people... Raymond Chandler would have loved it.

Although, I am trying my best to avoid just using the first Desolation Jones arc since it's a pretty obvious homage/rip-off of Chandler's The Big Sleep. The plus is that it's not a murder mystery.

Timothy Callahan said...

You could also use something from Powers or Gotham Central. And, of course, Ambush Bug!

Chad Nevett said...

Yeah, I was definitely thinking Gotham Central, but I always want to mix it up a bit--not use the same title, character or writer too much.