Saturday, August 09, 2008

Final Crisis #3 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

After weeks of general discussion and topical banter (and perhaps too much cynicism), Chad Nevett and I return this week with a good, old-fashioned tag-team review of a single issue: Final Crisis #3. Except we can't just review that issue without talking about the "Director's Cut" of Final Crisis #1 as well. We also mention Secret Invasion in passing.

But the column's about Final Crisis #3! I guess we're going to end up talking about every issue of this sucker, so we might as well embrace it, right? And how can we not, really? We all know that it's a great comic, and the only people who don't like it are the ones too dumb to understand it.

(That last line was a joke, so don't flame me about it.)

Read more of our Final Crisis thoughts at the world's first and most prominent column called "The Splash Page."

Or, click HERE.

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