Saturday, August 02, 2008

Comic-Con Announcements Hit THE SPLASH PAGE

Comic-Con International 2008 was filled with announcements: Johns and Van Sciver on Flash, Gaiman doing Batman, Vertigo Crime graphic novels, some sort of Watchmen movie I haven't heard much about. So Chad Nevett and I decided to talk about these kinds of announcements. It was probably a bad idea, since neither of us seem all that excited about anything, but that didn't stop us. Because we like to express our opinions, even when we don't really have any. And we do love us some comics. Yes we do.

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Anonymous said...

I was interested to read your tidbit re: talking with Duncan Rouleau about the Metal Men series. Any salient details? I would be interested in hearing what got taken out by editorial and why, mainly out of curiosity.

I ended up buying and reading the whole thing, then re-reading it all at once, and in the end, I liked it, but still didn't completely follow it. I mean, I did get it in the end, but it seemed, indeed, like it wasn't that clear, or took a bit more work than it could have to put it all together.

Maybe I'm just getting lazy.

Timothy Callahan said...

He didn't say much. I just told him how much I loved the beginning and didn't love the end as much. But I said I appreciated how it wasn't just a "by the numbers" series. He said, "yeah, well, DC took out some of the numbers along the way, and that was part of the problem," and then just mentioned that they changed some things on him, but he didn't say what.