Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey Kids, Free Comics

Heidi MacDonald's recent linkage to Bob Greenberger's announcement that he'd be joining the ComicMix team reminded me of something: it reminded me that ComicMix exists.

I don't say that to be callous, and I've actually bumped into ComicMix President and EIC Mike Gold twice at two local comic book events, so I have had ComicMix on my mind this year, but whenever I sit down in front of my computer, I always forget to check out ComicMix. The thing to check out of course -- especially now that they're winding down their news coverage -- is their regular stream of original comic book content.

They have Mark Wheatley and Mike Oeming on Hammer of the Gods 2.

They have Dick Giordano drawing a kung-fu comic.

They have our old pal Mike Baron writing a high-flying adventure comic.

Plus, they have archived strips featuring John Ostrander and Tim Truman's Grimjack, Mike Grell on Jon Sable, and Bo Hampton doing a Robin Hood horror comic.

It's all-new content, exclusive to the website. It's like First Comics never died, it just moved online.

But even though I love my old First Comics, and even though I love all of those creators, I have absolutely no interest in reading any of those comics on my computer screen. It's good stuff, from what I've sampled, and it's the type of thing I should adore, but I don't want to click and read any of it. I'll probably buy some of it when it's collected--especially if it comes out in a nice hardcover edition--but as webcomics, I just don't care.

So here we are, in 2008, with a wealth of free comics at our fingertips, and guys like me (guys who love the content and the creators) don't have any interest. Something must be wrong with that. Something must be wrong with me.

Check out ComicMix yourself. Maybe you'll like reading free comics more than I do.


marcwrz said...

stop with the computer hate man, I have no problem reading comics online, hell since I usually can't make the comic shop every week, I end up d/ling stuff, reading it and pick it up later or pick it up in trade format.

Timothy Callahan said...

Do you read ComicMix?

Anonymous said...

I find it pretty uncomfortable to read comics on the screen. Who likes to scroll, I want to see the whole page at once or two next to each other. I want to stretch out on the couch, curl up in bed, etc. Plus there's so many terrible samey webcomics and lots of us burnt out on kids with spiky hair making dated videogame references 8 years ago.