Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Final Crisis Dialogues: Final Crisis #7

What was once the "Splash Page," the internet's #1 source for comic book chit-chat by Tim and Chad, has transformed into "The Final Crisis Dialogues" mostly because (a) is temporarily inactive, and (b) Chad and I have been talking "Final Crisis" for three weeks straight!

So join us for our lengthy dialogue on "Final Crisis" #7 and see some of the greatest pseudo-Splash Page moments ever: See me point out the flaws in "Final Crisis." See Chad deflect them with his mental Akido. See Chad mock the "Final Crisis" as poetry conceit, and see me take him on with prosaic fury. See us both talk "Seven Soldiers" with the wisdom of hermetic scholars. See all this and more!

And, really, if you haven't already, you should probably just read ALL of our "Final Crisis" dialogues, and see how right we were about everything, and how wrong we were about everything else.

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