Friday, February 13, 2009

Incognito #2 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Incognito #2, about which I write the following sentences: "Zack may yet prove to be more noble than his current behavior might indicate -- this is a comic that isn't afraid to surprise the reader -- but it doesn't really matter. Zack isn't some sympathetic character that we need to root for. The rooting interest here is the quality of Ed Brubaker's writing and the chiseled beauty of Sean Phillips's artwork (and let's not forget the evocative Val Staples, who colors this book with subtle neon dreams of purple, red, and blue). This is a tightly packed comic, filled to the brim with dread and anxiety and the power of hope railing against inevitable hopelessness. It's a violent, dirty-sexy, noir superhero comic -- one that works brilliantly, especially when placed next to the other 'Marvel Noir' books that have started hitting the stands in recent months. "

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Arturo Ulises said...

Wait, is this a FC tie-in? Did Darkseid's fall send him to the Marvel U at one point?

Anonymous said...

At this point, after Sleeper, Criminal, and now Incognito, I think we have to look at Brubaker and Phillips as one of the best teams ever.

You (among others) have made the point in the past that sometimes Morrison hasn't been well-served by the artists with which he's been paired. It's all the more evident how that can hinder a work when you see a perfect collaboration like this. Brubaker writes the dirty, street-level stuff that Phillips' black and blocky style does so well.

And if the coloring was a musical score on this one, it would be ominous and sleazy, just as required.

Timothy Callahan said...

I agree. Brubaker is at his best with Phillips, and Phillips never looks as good anywhere else as he does on a Brubaker comic.

Val Staples is a musical genius with color!