Saturday, February 21, 2009

Justice League of America #30 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Justice League of America #30, about which I write the following sentences: "If this Milestone crossover arc was meant to introduce the characters to the readers of the DCU, it's not very successful. McDuffie gives black Superman analogue Icon a few lines of dialogue and a little bit more characterization than the others, but the rest of the Milestone characters leave no impression at all. Except the dude made out of clouds and sky -- Twilight, I believe he's called. He has a strong visual presence at least. The rest of the Milestone characters look like little more than rejects from the 1990s school of ugly costume design. When Icon's partner, Rocket appears, her dramatic entrance is diminished by her ridiculous appearance. I'm sure the hoop earring, headgear, metal leg straps, plus jacket-over-the-costume look was pretty cool in 1993 -- actually, I remember 1993, and it wasn't even cool back then -- but it's 2009, and next to the classic costumes of the JLA, it just doesn't work. Her costume makes Zatanna look classy by comparison."

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Drew said...

god, how long must we wait for Grant to get another shot at making this book GOOD again?

Arturo Ulises said...

"Her costume makes Zatanna look classy by comparison."

Whoa, whoa! Please tell me it's the alcohol in my system that's making me misread this, but did you just diss Zatanna's costume? (I just finished reading 7S, btw.)

Timothy Callahan said...

Fishnet stockings may not be the most classy look in the world. Sorry.