Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When Words Collide: Terror in the Classroom

Spurred to read "Drifting Classroom" by the internet double-threat of Jog and Tucker Stone, I had the first volume sitting on my shelf for a while before I bothered to crack it open.

Before I started reading it, I also picked up Volumes 2-4, just because my son wanted some Pokemon manga thing, and in ordering it through Amazon, I noticed that it was part of the 4-for-3 promotion they run, and figured, "eh, I might as well get three more volumes of 'Drifting' for the price of two," so I added those to the cart.

Then, as I mentioned in a "What I'm Reading" post from a few weeks back, I dove into this series and immediately wanted more.

So now I've read all eleven volumes. And I just had to write something about it. And of course I had to tie it to some postmodernist literary discussion of Donald Barthelme, because that's what I do. Hence, this week's WWC entry: "Terror in the Classroom."

It's probably the greatest thing on Barthelme and Umezu that you'll read this week (if not this month).

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