Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When Words Collide: NYCC vs. The Universe

If the pics and bullet points aren't enough -- and, clearly, they're not -- then you need to check out this week's "When Words Collide," in which I run through my various weekend adventures at the New York Comic Con.

Read about "Osamu Tezuka's Depression Funnies," marvel at "The Invisible Lounge," and learn how "The Doctor is In." And more.

Aw, yeah!



Patrick said...

Thanks for the respect in the column, good to be getting the word out early. And, you've definitely got to schedule some signing times at the booth next year, you had the uncanny knack for always showing up right after someone was asking for you.

Anonymous said...

As always, Tim, I enjoyed reading your column. Interesting details about your convention experience, particularly your encounter with that St. John's professor. I think your analysis of her conclusions is on the mark. I look forward to randomly bumping into you 54 times at the next convention!