Thursday, February 05, 2009

Battlefields: Dear Billy #1 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Battlefields: Dear Billy #1, about which I write the following sentences: "But this isn't Ernest Hemingway's 'A Farewell to Arms,' and the couple doesn't fall in love and run off to Switzerland together. Ennis focuses on a different aspect of their relationship, as both Sutton and Wedgewood carry emotional wounds far deeper than anything they can express to each other. They've each been violated, physically, by their enemies. They are broken characters, but they maintain a sense of decorum around others, and they don't flaunt their weaknesses. They do the best they can and keep moving forward through a world filled with pain and suffering. The stiff upper lip and all that."

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Anonymous said...

Not sure where to email you, but I'll assume you'll see this.

Hallo Timothy,
I was flicking through your book on Grant Morrison's early years in a comic store the other day and was surprised and mildly irritated to see no mention of my comic creation, Paradax! as the crucial influence on the young Grant's development into the lovable, anarchic, 'spokesman for the counter-culture' hipster that he has become.
This was a superhero strip that pre-dated Zenith/Watchmen by a few years, and appeared in Strange Days: It was the first of the "media-brat narcissist, loves only chicks, fame and money" super-heroes. From which Grant swiped the premise'/'attitude' for Zenith.
Sebastian O was a swipe of Mirkin The Mystic (the surrealist Wildean voice, etc) and (much later on, but I knew he'd get there in the end), Vinanarama ripped off Rogan Gosh, which was the FIRST "Bollywood" comic, by about 15 years.
I guess it's true: "genius steals"!
Didn't really do your research, did you?
In the great cosmic scheme of things, it's no big deal, but I thought you may be a bit more aware of who did what, and when!

Timothy Callahan said...

Hey Brendan (if it is really you), I absolutely mention Paradax in the book (page 10, in fact), and discuss your contributions to the costume designs for the DP characters as well (page 151) AND I have a "When Words Collide" column at CBR planned with a look at both Paradax and Rogan Gosh.

I love love love Brendan McCarthy.

If this is not, in fact, Brendan McCarthy, then everything I said above is still true, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Vanja said...

This post links to Umbrella Academy Dallas#3 and not the Battlefields dear Billy critique.

Timothy Callahan said...

Thanks Vanja!