Friday, February 06, 2009

Immortal Iron Fist #22 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Immortal Iron Fist #22, about which I write the following sentences: "Telling a story about monotony could lead to, well, a bit of monotony in the comic, but Swierczynski moves the comic back and forth through time, giving us a non-chronological structure to break up the hellishness. This isn't a comic in which a whole lot happens -- it's mostly a mood-setter for what's to come, but it does a nice job putting the characters in a seemingly impossible situation and then providing a twist at the end. A twist which is either a glimmer of hope or a dreadful revelation, depending on what happens next issue."

Read the entire review HERE.

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Unknown said...

I will take another look at this, based on your description of the artist's style.