Saturday, February 07, 2009

New York Comic-Con 2009: Day One Pics

Julian and Mike taking a brief pause from setting up the Sequart booth to make handsome faces for the camera:

Dean Trippe respectfully worshipping at the altar of Geoff Johns. Ivan Reis, in the background, indicates how much better he is than anyone else drawing comics today:

Is there some kind of "Watchmen" resurgence for some reason? The DC booth slamdance jubilee:

Rick Remender writes comics in between moments of cosplay appreciation. He wishes he could be Slave Leia for just one day:

"Look at my package!" declared Captain Champion, referring, one supposes, to the Champions Online monthly subscription deal, and not, you know, the other thing:


Tucker Stone said...

"dead" trippe?

Anonymous said...

So, um, is the Sequart site working again? Because it'd be pretty funny if Julian and co are pimping it when it's not.

And I'd totally love to get my hands on one of those shirts because people would have no idea what Sequart is about at first and yet still assume it's something intellectual.