Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NYCC 09 Random Bits

This week's WWC column will have a more coherent essay on my weekend experience at the New York Comic Con, but here are some random moments that I didn't include:
  • Jeff Kinney, author of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," had a gigantic crowd of fans at his speech/book signing. My son is in love with the Wimpy Kid books, and he waited patiently to get his book signed, even though the coordinator of the signing decided to announce that they would call up the kids row by row, and almost everyone RUSHED to the front rows when she said that. That is a bullshit move, parents. And you know it.
  • Jeff Kinney gave a really inspirational speech, by the way, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Good for him, and I hope he enjoys continued success.
  • Sterling Gates showed me a preview of the next issue of Supergirl, but he wouldn't let me see pages 15-18. Wonder what that was about. Oh, Sterling, you rascal.
  • I gave Rick Remender some advice on how to end his first Punisher arc: with a high five between Punisher and the Sentry. He thought a Punisher/Hood high five would be better, and then they could team up as an odd couple for the rest of the series. The look on his face indicated that he was seriously considering it. He definitely should.
  • Brian Azzarello gave me a lot of shit for my CBR review of "Joker," in which I said that the book seems informed by the Heath Ledger performance. He was just messing with me, though, and I knew it. Or was he? Yes, he was. But he is definitely not a fan of that "were you inspired by Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight?" question.
  • I ran into Keith Dallas of "The Flash Companion" and Comics Bulletin fame like a dozen times. He is awesome.
  • I also ran into most of the Funnybook Babylon guys (except David U.), along with bloggers David Brothers, and my bitter nemesis Tucker Stone. All of those guys are awesome, too. Also, Tucker is in no way my nemesis, and he was full of compliments. (Just not toward Jim Lee. Seriously, Jim Lee, don't mess with Tucker Stone.)
  • Jock has never eaten french toast or maple syrup, and can't imagine why anyone would want to. I would personally prefer that every meal involve maple syrup somehow, but I'm from New England and he's clearly not.
More Pics from Saturday and Sunday -- First, Mo Willems rocks the Kid's Zone stage:

Then Mario strikes a pose:

Elektra yucks it up:

And a Tiny Titans fan loves every second:

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time. Hey, post some of that sketchbook action if you get a chance! I want to see what Art drew.

Mo Willems is indeed a rock star. I saw him at Quail Ridge Books a few months ago, and he had the crowd eating out of his hand. He did a nice quickie of the Pigeon for me, and his books have become an addiction for my young cousins...so much that their parents are frantically calling me to be on the lookout whenever he has more books available.