Saturday, February 07, 2009

Adventure Comics Speculation

This is the just-released cover image from "Adventure Comics" #1, by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul. Let the speculation on the blacked-out characters begin!

My educated guess -- and it seems VERY likely to me -- is that the bottom left shows Superboy-Prime, and the center character is a resurrected Conner Kent, Superboy.

"Adventure Comics" needs a Superboy, so why not two?


Mariano Abrach said...

I also guessed the center character is Conner, and really had no idea about the bottom left one, but now that you say it, it seems very likely it's Superboy-Prime.

Drew said...

are we doubting Superman's ability to redeem Superboy-Prime? I'm thinking the centre character is ALSO SB-prime, but you know, "good".

Anonymous said...

isn't Mon-El supposed to be in this?

Anonymous said...

My guesses (Blackest Night spoilers):

Ok, Geoff Johns confirmed in some NYCC panel that one was a "good guy" and another a "bad guy". My guess for the center character is Superboy, Conner Kent, because it looks like his silhoutee (muscle tee, no cape, short hair). Plus it seems like he'd be the main character after #0's Origins and Omens story.

My guess for the corner character is Earth-2 Superman, in his Black Lantern form because he's got a very disheveled, almost Bizarro-like look with the cape and figure but we already have Bizarro on teh cover.

Unknown said...

I thought it might be Sodom Yat in the centre (I don't really know why) and in the corner I thought it'd be a Black Lantern cause Blackest Night starts that month right?

Also, I have a question. If the only Legion stuff I've read is the Action Comics arc can I follow FC: Legion of Three Worlds? I ask because I saw Sodom Yat in a preview with a slightly different oath.

Nacho said...

What if he's a young Clark Kent?