Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Will Pfeifer is Good at Stuff

Tom Spurgeon has an interesting interview with Will Pfeifer, writer of the much-maligned Amazons Attack. Honestly, Amazons is not representative of Pfeifer's work at all. His HERO was one of my favorite books before it concluded its run, and his Catwoman has been one of the best ongoing DC comics over the past couple of years. His use of a genuine emotional subtext with Catwoman's baby, and his incorporation of "classic" DC villains (like Triangle Man!) has made it a real treat. Pfeifer also does a three-minute dvd bit on the new Around Comics podcast every Monday, and the guy has excellent taste in his recommendations.

Pfeifer references my Morrison book in the interview, which is pretty cool of him, and pretty cool of Tom Spurgeon for linking to book's Amazon page. So, thanks Will and Tom!

Anyway, check out the interview--it's a good one: Spurgeon does Pfeifer.

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