Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Country for Old Men

The Coen brothers are in my top three holy trinity of great directors, along with Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson, both of whom also have movies released this fall. (And, yes, that would make four individuals in that trinity, but perhaps that's why it's holy.)

No Country for Old Men is one of the best films of the year.

Check out my review of the movie over at Geoff Klock's blog.


Marc Caputo said...

Haven't seen the movie - hopefully next week, but want to comment on the poster. They're hitting fans of the brothers right where they live by tagging those 3 films.

I haven't followed a director in several years - all my favorites from the 80s (Lee, Jarmusch, the Coens, Sayles) have dissipated to a degree. But with Lee's "25th Hour" and "Inside Man" and now, NCFOM from the boys, maybe we're in for a renaissance.

Also, speaking of "25th Hour": did you ever read Bendis' "Daredevil"? He does a nice riff on the ending in his last issue.

Timothy Callahan said...

I have read all of Bendis's Daredevil, and I only vaguely remember what he did at the end. Was it a "Last Temptation of Christ"-type of ending like "25th Hour"? I don't remember it well at all. That's what reading 100-200 comic book stories a month does to my brain.

Timothy Callahan said...

I do remember that the "Decalogue" was far fewer than 10 issues long, and I am still baffled by how anything less than 10 issues would be called a "Decalogue" (even as a cinema reference)

Marc Caputo said...

Yeah, it was. Good call on linking it back to "The last Temptation of Christ" - I've seen "25th Hour" only once to the other's 4 or 5. Oh well, another Lee homage to Scorsese.

"Decalogue" was 5 issues (71-75). The covers had a very bold trade dress to them and I recall Bendis saying that all 10 were covered. I've only read through that run once (for the record, I read once for the punch and twice for the all the themes and other good stuff) - but am going back to read into Brubaker again.

Isn't that why they invented Christmas vacation?

Timothy Callahan said...


It would take me the whole week just to unearth my long boxes with the Daredevil issues, though. We need three weeks!

Marc Caputo said...

One word.


Timothy Callahan said...

I don't have any more room for bookshelves!!! I already have eight bookcases filled with books and trades. Plus, I'm not going to buy Bendis Daredevil trades when I already own the issues. Maybe if a fancy Omnibus series started coming out, I'd be tempted, but I doubt it. I highly doubt it. I actually don't like Maleev's fumetti-style art on the series enough to make me want to buy it in a nice format.

Molly said...

I read a review of No Country for Old Men in which the reviewer brought up The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson, and said they kind of wished the Coens had made that into a movie instead. Now, I haven't seen No Country... (although I really want to), but that does sound like one of the best ideas I've ever heard in my life.