Wednesday, March 29, 2006

High Concept

I was teaching a writing course at Word Street tonight, and I was talking about generating story ideas using public-domain literary/historical characters. Then I said, to illustrate what NOT to do, "You don't have to do something ridiculous like pit Ahab vs. Jack the Ripper in Central Park..." and then I caught myself and told them that was such an awesome idea that they couldn't have it because I was definitely writing that story myself. I'm not actually going to write that story, but you can imagine how awesome it would be. Then I thought about it some more on the way home and realized that you could act out your own version of the story in three simple steps: (1) Purchase Ahab and Jack the Ripper action figures from ebay;

(2) Go to Central Park;

and (3) Crush the puny whore-killer beneath the cybernetic peg-leg of the mighty Ahab! I've provided pictures to set the scene--you can do the rest.

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Anonymous said...

And this is why you are possibly my very favorite person in the history of ever. In the top five at the very least.