Thursday, March 02, 2006

Recommendation: Nextwave

If you haven't already picked it up, go get Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's "Nextwave," published by Marvel. Issue 2 is out now, but unless your retailer had the foresight to order this thing properly, it will be gone soon (and I'm sure issue 1 is long gone), because this book is the best comic out this week.

It's got a theme song--there's a link to it here: Nextwave preview!

Here are the lyrics, and if they don't make you want to read the comic, then you should just give up on trying to be cool:

It's like Shakespeare
But with lots more punching
It's like Goethe
But with lots more crushing
Like Titanic
But the boat's still floating
No it's not!
The motherfucking boat is exploding!

Dirk Anger
Is one crazy mamma-jamma
He leads HATE
Sitting around in his pretty pink pajamas
HATE was formed
By the Beyond Coporation
To bring about catastrophic devastation!


Do you want a haircut?
The Beyond Corporation's gonna help you out
Do you need a toothbrush?
The Beyond Corporation's got an extra one
Do you have a step-son?
The Beyond Corporation's gonna rub him out
Do you see a monster?
Or a pirate?
Electric emu?
A giant sky-rat?
A midget Hitler?!
Or Pontius Pilate!

Don't call your mom or your doctor,
Just pick up the phone and call!

NEXTWAVE! Wooawoaah

Give us a NextWave rollcall!

Is gonna microwave your (whistle)
Is gonna steal all your stuff!
Is going to organize your sock drawer!
Is gonna speak with an accent!
His name is The Captain!

NEXTWAVE! Somebody please, please call...

For God's sake, somebody call NextWave...


Issue 2 has Fin Fang Foom threatening to put the good guys in his pants.

It's funny and full of 'splosions (the issue, not his pants).

Trust me, you'd like it.

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Anonymous said...

sounds pretty awesome my dear tim, but are you sure those are the real lyrics, i not so subtly note this was posted at 5 in the morning, and i doubt you decided to get up really early...