Sunday, March 19, 2006

Top 10 Superhero Cartoons

I'm in the mood for a nice, tasty Top 10 List. I'll throw this out there and you can tell me how wrong I am and reply with your own list (even though we all know I'm right pretty much all the time, but I'll humor you).


10) The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
This is not really a superhero cartoon, true, but it's cowboys in space with laser blasters. To be honest, I remember liking this show quite a bit, but I haven't seen it in years. There's at least one DVD of this, but no full seasons or anything good, so I haven't bothered to pick it up. I do remember that some of the characters have mustaches, and therefore it is even better than Star Wars. Wouldn't Tarkin have been all the more menacing with a nice handlebar mustache?

9) Space Ghost
No, not Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast. That show may be funny, yes, but it features neither Jan, Jace, nor Blip. Not that I like those characters at all, but I do like Gary Owens, and I like when Spacey turns invisible and then blasts stuff with his wrist. That makes me happy.

8) Spider Man and His Amazing Friends
You know how kids always confuse The Silver Surfer with Iceman? Well, this show taught me the difference between the two, and therefore it is not only entertaining, but highly educational. Plus, didn't their dorm room (or whatever) transform into a superhero HQ by walls spinning around and the desk flipping over? Did that really happen? If not, it should have. Remember that one episode where Dr. Doom get the power to change reality by making wishes? Neither do I, but that sounds like it could have been an episode, right?

7) Thundercats
Panthro had nunchuks. What else is there?

6) The Herculoids
This was a show I could only watch when I visited my Grandfather's house on Sundays--actually, that's true about Space Ghost too. We didn't get that Hanna-Barbera channel. But I do remember Gloop and Gleep, but I was baffled by their uselessness and their similarity to the Shmoo, who was seen in those days with Fred Flintstone on some horribly-conceived show. But the Herculoids? They have a Triceratops that shoots out energy blobs. Therefore, they rule.

5) Superman: The Animated Series
At one point in my life, possibly the other day, I would have argued that this mid-90s version of Superman was a better show than Batman: TAS. My theory was that it's easier to do Batman--he's got a better cast of characters and you don't have to do much to make him cool. Superman, on the other hand, has Luthor and Brainiac and that's about it for villains. And he's so perfect and dull, he's hard to do well. This series does it well. Largely because they take a Jack Kirby approach to the whole shebang. It's probably not as immortal as the Batman series, though. True.

4) Challenge of the Super-Friends
This is the one with The Legion of Doom. Obviously the comic book series Justice, the new JLU storyline, and the roster-tastic Secret Society of Super-Villains series all owe a debt to this cartoon. I have watched this show recently on DVD and it's still great. It's preposterous, the characters lack depth, and there is almost not attempt at internal continuity, but its still awesome. Wicked awesome.

3) Batman: The Animated Series
So yeah, I'll admit, it is better that Superman: TAS. It has more classic episodes, and it's more stylish. I'm not a fan of the pixie-revamp that went on in the Third (?) season, where everyone became pointy-looking and darker, but overall, this is obviously the right way to do superheroes. When the series is ten times better than the Batman comics of the time, it's clearly a work of genius.

2) Aqua Teen Hunger Force
I have Mooninites socks. That I wear.

1) Justice League Unlimited
This show gets the number one spot for three reasons: (1) it's ending soon, so I'm appreciating it all the more in its final weeks; (2) It's cool; (3) It features an insane amount of characters, famous and obscure and it makes me happy when I can name them all and tell my wife and children who's who and what their powers are. They don't listen to me, of course, but I make them listen. I make them listen. I make. Them. Listen.


Anonymous said...

i think that the spectacularness of this entry is so spectacular that i have absolutely no comment. yet here i am! leaving a comment....

you have left out the wonderful development of anime - that beautiful, sexually repressed japanese style. one of the great things i've found at college, the epic style anime. i dont think the japanese have "superheroes", i really don't think they distinguish between real and fake in the same way as the western counterparts, so they might not fit into your list. they are also really weird at times. i haven't watched much of it (actually just its last episode), but those in the know tell me "full metal alchemist" is very awesome. and i've watched "one piece meal", which is pretty awesome but very strange....very strange. and when i talk about animals i dont have to make people listen to me because they inherently want to hear whatever it is i say.

Anonymous said...

OK, sweet list, about those mooninite socks, you wear those to school/work?

Anonymous said...

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