Monday, March 06, 2006

My New Column!

So I am now a bi-weekly columnist at which is a site devoted to the "serious study of comic books and graphic novels." I met the guys who run the site when I was at the NYCC, and they invited me to submit something to them. I decided to bring my Grant Morrison obsession to the fore and submit a regular column analyzing his major work. And they liked it, so now I'm officially a columnist.

The column is called Futurespective and you can read the first column here.

Check it out, let me know what you think.

From now on I will be charging $10 for you to take a photo with me because I'm so friggin' famous.


Anonymous said...

are you too famous to go to applebees with the buntlings when im home next week for spring break?

Timothy Callahan said...

I'm not too famous for that. But now I'll demand that you pay for dinner AND we all wear Michael Jackson masks AND I will only eat green M&Ms and bacon.

Anonymous said...

nice job timster, very witty prose. i know nothing about comics though, cept some stuff from xmen. what are you doing at 5:11 in the morning?