Monday, April 03, 2006

750 Pages?

I've projected forward for the next year and a half to see how many weeks it would actually take to finish the Grant Morrison column I've started, assuming I spend a fair amount of time on each major project and assuming he only does about five more things in the upcoming year (that's probably about right--plus or minus a couple).

It would end up being about 75 columns. The ones I've completed so far have averaged about 10 pages each (3,000 words or so), which would make the entire project amount to approximately 750 pages. That's crazy, right? I can't possibly have that much to say about these comic books. Actually, I do. But who has time to write this stuff? What's the over/under on the day I quit this column? Think I can make it until the end?


Anonymous said...

You should get it all together in the end and publidh it or do it in volumes "Callahan's Authoritive on Comic Books and Such"

Anonymous said...

You can totally do it. The work is fantastic, and I'm really enjoying it. It's just a matter of perseverence -- like a lot in life. Anyway, we're all completely rooting for you!

-- Julian Darius