Sunday, December 07, 2008

Joe Gaultieri Called it in September

Just for the record, this is what Joe Gaultieri left as a comment from my Skrull-centric post of SEPTEMBER 21st, 2008: "I've heard a rumour that 'Dark Reign' refers to Norman Osborn being made the new head of SHIELD. After all, Stark can't very well be left in charge when a relience on Starktech was one reason the Skrulls managed as well as they have."

That rumor you heard was pretty spot on, eh Joe?


Unknown said...

That should shake things up a bit. Maybe Stark will stop acting like such a pompous ass/control freak!

Chad Nevett said...

Because this was a popular theory since it was first mentioned, my review of Secret Invasion #8 initially said there was a not-so-surprising twist that leads to a more shocking one--but I thought that might have been a little too spoilery (better safe than sorry) and altered it.

Anonymous said...

Any credit really goes to whoever first mentioned the rumour on the V-Hive Forum (an offshoot of the long dead Warren Ellis Forum). Possibly the infamous Jesse Baker or Dan Coyle.