Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WWC: Top 20 Comics of 2008 -- #20-#11

My Best Comics of 2008 countdown begins today, with #20 through #11. What's on the list? What did I save for the Top 10 next week? How awesome is the All-New Orb? How many non-superhero comics will make the cut?

All these questions answered, partially, a little bit, kinda, in this week's "When Words Collide."

Because if I don't give you a "Best of" list, who will?


Bill Reed said...

I expect to see ASS and Cass in the top three somewhere.

Also: The All-New Orb is more awesome than you think a guy with an eye for a head could be.

Marc Caputo said...

Nice job, Tim. Brings back memories of doing this last year. The last 4 months have been such a blur with this new job that I just about read a few things here and there. I DID get the Chaykin/Lopez mini on your recommendation; that, along with McKeever's Transit and Camelot 3000 should kick off this vacation nicely.

Chad Nevett said...

A couple of things from my top ten are in that list and I know some more are also in your top ten. Solid choices.

Volt said...

Aetheric Mechanics is an interesting choice. I liked it (I'm an unabashed Ellis fan, I'll admit it), but I think putting it above Doktor Sleepless would be mistaken (but that's my opinion).

A webcomic I read occasionally said something about Burn After Reading that I think sort of applies here. When Ellis is just sitting and gets a little idea to play with, instead of just talking about it with friends, he'll just sit down and write a comic book treatment of it. This very much felt like a fleshed-out late night idea to me -- not that that's good or bad, necessarily.

Yay for the Incredible Herc pick!

Anonymous said...

Three Morrison books in the top 20?

Final Crisis
All-Star Supes

Anonymous said...

Tiny Titans got bumped up to top 10? nice!