Sunday, December 07, 2008

Eric Nguyen's Eternals: Acuna No More

I mentioned the other day that Eternals #6 was a strong finish for the first story arc (which I hadn't liked that much until that finale), and that I was pretty much just buying the comic for the Acuna art. Now I understand that Acuna is off the book, and Eric Nguyen is the new artist (at least for the next three issues). Nguyen is an AWESOME choice. The first issue of Gigantic was one of the best-looking debuts I've seen in a long time, and I'll keep buying Eternals just for his art. I'm sure the series isn't long for this world anyway, but at least we'll end up with a bunch of pretty-looking issues before it dies.

But what's Daniel Acuna doing next? I see him listed on an upcoming Uncanny X-Men Annual, and I've heard that he might be doing some Iron Man with Fraction (which I would love to see). Anyone know anything about that or any other upcoming Acuna work?


Unknown said...

Acuna Matata -- what a wonderful phrase!

I can put up with mediocre writing with a great artist. At least I'm not the only one!

James said...

Oh man, if Acuna replaced Larocca on Iron Man I would do a dance (and have one more comic to buy a month).