Monday, December 29, 2008

My Exotic Tastes for Comic Books

Apparently, I have wildly unorthodox tastes in comics (even though I think my tastes are approximately 90% mainstream and 10% quirky and 100% correct) because CBR just posted Part One of the big "Best 100 Comics of 2008" list, and two of my Top 10 picks didn't even crack the Top 90, which means, I suspect, that nobody else voted for them besides me.

Thus, we get a list in which Powr Mastrs (#98, and not for everyone, I'll admit) and Local (#91, and which is for everyone) get bested by the likes of Judd Winick's Green Arrow/Black Canary (#89) and Dwayne McDuffie's JLA (#88).

I wonder what will make the consensus Top 10?

I would assume All-Star Superman would make it, but based on this first batch I really have no idea what else will show up.

I wonder how high Secret Invasion will be. I'll place the over/under at #42. You?


andy khouri said...

I would have liked another round of voting but there just isn't time. Last year it was just me and four other guys listing our individual picks, and given that we're all voiceless news reporters with no consequential opinions whatsoever, that didn't seem helpful to readers, so asking the entire staff to contribute to a democratic list is an improvement.

It generates discussion, and feedback indicates some readers will be giving books like LOCAL and BERLIN a shot when they had barely heard of them before, and that's the most important thing. CBR is a mainstream superhero site, after all.

(And for the record, Newsarama explicitly stated the best book of the year was a "pretty clear" choice between Final Crisis and Secret Invasion, and just asked readers to vote for one of the two!)

I think you'll be pleased by the top twenty. The higher up the list you go, the more in-line with reality it becomes.

Timothy Callahan said...

Well, as long as Trinity, Rann-Thanagar Holy War, and Moon Knight are the Top 3, I think we'll all be happy.

It's not like I expected Powr Mastrs to be on ANYONE else's list, but I am surprised that Local didn't end up a bit higher. Brian Wood is pretty mainstreamy.

andy khouri said...

Indeed, the LOCAL placement is surprising. But the Judd Winnick voters gave that Green Arrow book more points than Wood voters gave LOCAL!

In the time since I wrote the first comment, I've been told that a couple friends are putting Too Cool To Be Forgotten on their Amazon wishlists, so this is doing some good despite the occasional absurdity.

Chad Nevett said...

I'm not entirely happy with my top ten (which I'll be updating for my blog to reflect a couple of things I got/get before the year ends), but that's because of money issues. I'm certain Local would have had a good shot at my top ten, but I didn't have the cash to pick up the hardcover.

That said, so far, nothing from my top ten has shown up... although, I don't imagine everything on it will.