Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Red Mass for Mars #1 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Red Mass for Mars #1, about which I write the following sentences: "I won't go so far as to say 'Red Mass for Mars' is a superhero comic unlike any other. It's not. It has a tone and manner of execution that's similar to some of the things Warren Ellis has done in the past. That detached narrator, calmly describing the indescribable. The matter-of-fact description of Earth-shattering events. The heroes as men and women doing a job, not as idealized, grandiose figures of worship. The one 'hero' who positions himself as a god, Lightbender, is portrayed with monstrous arrogance and xenophobia. His hubris has led him to overthrow Buckingham Palace and announce his plans to rid the world of non-English languages, violently. And this activity is referred to by the narrator as 'not-for-profit charity work.' The irony is thick, and the characters are flawed, just the way I like them."

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