Wednesday, June 25, 2008

...And Final Crisis #2 is Really Good, Also

Remember that day a month or two ago that was like the best Wednesday for superhero comic books ever? Well, today is another really great day. So much stuff to choose from, and I've already read a bunch of it, and it's very good.

I just finished reading Final Crisis #2, and I think it's better than the first issue, and I liked the first issue a lot. Man, it's good.

And all that Fraction stuff. And a whole bunch of Avengers stuff that looks pretty good. And, oh yeah, the new issue of Brubaker's Captain America--that was really good too.

I'm drowning in comics, and I love it.


Marc Caputo said...

Thank God. Actually, as I'm catching up with the last 3 weeks, I found that there was a lot of good stuff. So, with that momentum, I'm really looking forward to this week's stuff.

Do you remember that one year ago, the "Sinestro Corps War" started with that summer-blockbuster-like one-shot?

Timothy Callahan said...

No. I live in the present. I care nothing of the past.

Okay, yes, I do remember that, because who doesn't love the Sinestro Corps?

Marc Caputo said...

So says the man who can produce scans of Batman comics from the Eisenhower era.

But to answer your question - the Green Lantern Corps. That's who doesn't love the Sinestro Corps.

Can you tell I teach junior high school?

Chad Nevett said...

I don't love the Sinestro Corps.

But, yeah, a very good week in comics. Although, I spotted a basic, basic, basic continuity error in the two Avengers titles. An error that is all the more obvious with both books shipping in the same week.

Richard said...

It bothers me how much I dislike Final Crisis. I mean, you know me -- when in the past two decades have I ever disliked a Grant Morrison book? Well, okay, I wasn't keen on the Batman Gothic story -- that's the only case until now. But to me, everything about this just seems off. I picked up the first issue really jazzed and eager to read, but that feeling curdled instantly, and the second issue didn't win me back. I really don't understand why.

I'm still as keen on All-Star Superman and Batman R.I.P. as any right-thinking citizen, so it isn't some feeling of ennui or disenchantment with Morrison in general. I didn't read Countdown or that Jim Starlin travesty, so it has nothing to do with anal-retentive continuity concerns. It's something about this story in particular that others in his fanbase are responding to that simply isn't reaching me.

I don't mention this to refute anyone else's enjoyment of the series, but merely to provide a datum.

Matt Jacobson said...

The new Final Crisis had Morrison doing something people often forget that he's good at - producing weirdly unsettling scenes of vaguely defined horror. He did this a lot in Doom Patrol (probably my favorite work of his, all-time), so I liked seeing it (or, rather, feeling it) here. Surprisingly, he did it without his usual motif of insects.

Did anyone else laugh a little at Superman's "pray for a resurrection" line? It reminded me of Metamorpho's funeral, way back in JLA #5.