Friday, June 20, 2008

Chad and I vs. B. Clay Moore Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

B. Clay Moore, creator of Hawaiian Dick, up-and-coming mainstream superhero writer, and guy with opinions, has some very strong things to say about comic book critics. Since Chad Nevett and I are both comic book critics, we have a few opinions of our own. So we take his assertions and slam them to the ground with the force of a thousand tiny butterfly kicks.

If you've ever wanted to see Chad and I articulate our critical positions, or argue about what it is we do as critics, or discuss comic book criticism in the world today, then you'll want to check out this week's installment of the world's greatest comic book conversation column, the Splash Page.

Who wouldn't want to read that? Plus, you can chime in with your own thoughts and tell us how wrong we are. Isn't the internet a magical place?

To go straight to column #20 (twenty straight weeks of Splash Pagey goodness), you can also click HERE.

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