Friday, June 06, 2008

Recommended Summer Reading 2008 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

Chad Nevett and I can get caught up in the weekly comic book grind all to often. We feel the need to comment on what's "fresh," and rarely get time to discuss some of our favorite older comics or collected editions. So we decided to spend this week talking about what we would recommend this summer--what collected editions should you buy and read over the coming months, and why? That's the question, and we give plenty of answers.

Get your wallets ready, because this installment of the internet's hottest non-gossip column will make you want to spend some heavy duty cash this summer. Read all about it in the newest Splash Page.

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seth hurley said...

I'll bet they will reissue the Marvel Boy trade as soon as Sleeper Skrull Captain Marvel makes the ultimate sacrifice (Death of Captain Marvel 2) in Secret Invasion and Marvel Boy becomes the new Captain Marvel.

Chad Nevett said...

Dude, I went to university, not college--they're different things here in Canada. Just saying.

Timothy Callahan said...

I fixed it. But what's the difference? In America we call anyone in a university a "college student."

Chad Nevett said...

The difference is that university is geared towards more "academic" pursuits, while college is more practical, more geared towards career training programs.

You didn't have to change it, I was just joking around... I know that things are different in the US where everyone is called a college student. I often find myself almost saying that, too, actually.

seth hurley said...

Chad, do you go to hospital or The hospital?

is it Batman, or The Batman?

crazy Canadians.

Marc Caputo said...

One of the secretaries at my school is Howard Chaykin's sister-in-law. I dropped the biggest hint a month or two ago about the DF collection of American Flagg! (Which I got in singles off eBay anyway.)

And of course, I'll buy the damn thing - but why does it go to 14 when 12 ended the first major arc?

Timothy Callahan said...

Because this one goes to 14. It's two louder.

Marc Caputo said...

I can't believe it, but I may actually get the ASBARTBW when it comes out. I mean, they're on the damn thing for 22 issues.

But only if I can swing something where I get it for a song on some internet site.

Damn me and my need to fit in!