Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #549-551 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

Once upon a time, two of the world's leading comic book critics disagreed about the quality of three recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man. The epic battle raged for thousands of words. The world wept by the end.

Read the newest installment of THE SPLASH PAGE to see it unfold. Chad Nevett and I may never be the same. In fact, NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!


Chad Nevett said...

Okay, the comic critic community must be really small if I'm one of the world's leading critics. ;)

Timothy Callahan said...

You have cornered the market on Joe Casey-centric criticism, my friend. That makes you a leader.

Also note, there may have been some hyperbole in everything I have ever written, ever.

Chad Nevett said...

So... I'm not a superspy?

Timothy Callahan said...

I'll come clean on that. I totally made it up.

Also, I'm not a man-about-town. As much as I long to be.

marcwrz said...

Yea I buckled and read a few BND issues.

and these stories couldn't be told with a married Peter?

it feels like a boring regression and I'm still not going to be following the books.

Get back to me when Marvel reveals BND is actually the House of M sequel and that Mephisto is Scarlet Witch.