Saturday, August 18, 2007

Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio--Episode 2

The eagerly-awaited second episode of the BEST PODCAST EVER* has finally arrived. Thrill to 32 minutes of conversation on such diverse topics as Q-Bert, Seth Rogen, X-Men: Endangered Species, World War Hulk, and, of course, Sam Jones as Flash Gordon. Ryan and I have delivered everything we've promised this time around.

Let us know what you think by leaving some comments below! We'll read them on the air next week.

Listen to the podcast or download it here: Geniusboy Live EPISODE 2

Or, if that one's not working (or taking too long to load), you can find a link to a speedier download HERE (it's at the bottom of that page--ignore all the ads).

* as stated by my son, after I told him exactly what to say.


Elliott said...

I've been looking for some ground turkey with less bone. I'm sick of breaking my teeth eating burgers.

Skottie Young is the only reason to buy New X-Men.

Beast lying to the X-Men teams and telling them he's doing an awesome job is the best idea ever. They should totally spin off the Endangered Species story into a kind of Beast/Dark Beast Odd Couple thing.

This podcast is fun. It's sort of like an American Q!PAW. Except you don't talk about comics.

Timothy Callahan said...

Beast/Dark Beast Odd Couple? Done. Listen to Episode #3 next week.