Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comics Rockin' the Rockwell

This November, the Norman Rockwell Museum in Western Massachusetts will begin a six-month long comic book exhibit. It's going to be really cool, and here's why: (1) The show will largely focus on contemporary comic book artists. (I've seen the list of artists, and it's diverse and excellent.) (2) The show will be the foundation for a series of comic book workshops for kids and adults, as the Rockwell Museum tries to spread some comic book love and get people interested in the medium. (3) The early stages of the plans call for a Comics Art Festival to celebrate contemporary comic book artists and the medium itself--something in between a small-press expo and a big-time convention. (Think more panels, artist signings, and sketching than musty longboxes.) (4) I've been asked to become involved in the whole thing.

More details will follow as things become finalized, but this is an early warning: Awesomeness is coming, and it will be found at the Rockwell.


Steven Withrow said...

OK, that's phenomenal news. I love the Rockwell Museum, but I never imagined they'd rise to this height of awesomeness.

As a more-or-less local, I have to get involved in this somehow.

Anonymous said...

I will be home when this starts up. I can't wait to heckle all the nerds and geeks.

Timothy Callahan said...

Steven--I'll do my best to get you involved somehow.

Ryan--I know. NERDS! Especially the ones who do comic book podcasts (and don't even talk about comics). Bunch of pathetic nerdy geeks, they are.

marcwrz said...

Oh I am pumped for this. Looks like I'll be driving down to Stockbridge a lot. haha

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, Tim. I'm glad you're going to be involved in this.