Thursday, June 04, 2009

Review: Ultimate Spider-Man #133 -- UPDATED

Though I use words like "tragedy" and "weighty" and "Bendis," I provide a spoiler-free review of the final issue of "Ultimate Spider-Man." But it's not very hard to connect the dots and figure out what happens, especially when I quote from the solicitations for the "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" series headed our way later this fall.

Oh, and as an extra bonus for Geniusboy Firemelon subscribers, here's my one-sentence review of "Ultimatum" #4: It reads as if it were written by Sid from "Toy Story."

UPDATED TO ADD: Bendis, via Twitter, emphasizes that this is NOT the last issue. There are two double-sized issues left. Yet, as I pointed out to him, when solicitations for #133 clearly say "this final issue," then why would we assume otherwise?


Chad Nevett said...

I've actually been surprised at all of the complaints online about this being the final issue when you would assume anyone following the book knows that there's that two-issue "Requem" mini coming up. This is the final issue only in a technical sense.

(And my word verification word is "latin"... cool!)

Anonymous said...

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