Monday, June 08, 2009

EW on Asterios Polyp

In the grade-A review of Mazzucchelli's "Asterios Polyp," Sean Howe of "EW" mentions the "nearly subliminal color symbolism" in the book. The symbolism is anything but subliminal -- it's an essential detail that's commented upon within the text. That doesn't make it any less great, though.

But it's like saying that the bat motif in Bruce Wayne's life is subliminal.


Bill Reed said...

Yes. It's liminal at best. Perhaps even superliminal.

"Hey you! Join the navy!"

Unknown said...

I read your review of this book at Words Collide. I was completely bowled over by Asterios Polyp when I read it. I think the artist has completely upset the apple cart, when it comes to what a comic can be!