Monday, June 08, 2009

Review: Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #3

In the history of my CBR reviewery (and I've written well over 300 reviews in the past 15 months), I've only given the coveted five-star review three times. "Casanova" #14 got the perfect score. So did "All-Star Superman" #10. Now, another comic has joined that elite rank: "Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye" #3. Man, did I really like this comic.

You should read the heck out of the whole series and then eagerly anticipate the final three issue mini which, according to Cameron Stewart, we can expect in the summer of 2010!


Neal Kitterlin said...

I shamefully haven't read Casanova (though the first trade is sitting on my book shelf giving me an accusatory look), but All Star Superman # 10 is very rarefied air indeed. Quite possibly the best single issue of any comic I've had the pleasure of reading. Seaguy #3 was amazingly good, especially in the context of the rest of the series, but for me it doesn't quite reach the heights of ASS # 10.

Anonymous said...

seaguy: slaves of mickey eye 3 is definitely my favorite read so far this year. surpasses even gamain's batman issues (which were amazing) and moore's lxg:century (equally amazing).

B. Woodworth said...

Totally makes me anticipate the next series while going back to reread the first part, again.

At the time, coming out amongst We3, Vimanarama and the tail end of the Filth, Seaguy was my least favorite of the Morrison's creator owned work. I was kind of wary of a second season of Seaguy, to be honest with you. And, after reading the issues in succession, this is easily among my favorite works of Morrison's (still maybe trails Vimanarama, for me; but that one just rubs my tooth right for some reason).

I've only read the first issue of Casanova and, also, shamefully my trade is sitting on a shelf and staring back scornfully.

Chad Nevett said...

I checked and I've given out five stars four times:
Aetheric Mechanics, Criminal volume 2 #7, Young Liars #10, and Ghost Rider #34.

To be fair, I've probably balanced that out with more 1 stars or less ratings.