Monday, May 26, 2008

My Daughter, a Four-Year-Old Indiana Jones Expert

My daughter really likes the first three Indiana Jones movies, and she talks about them all the time. Here's her summary of all three original movies, in less than four minutes.


Marc Caputo said...

Outstanding, guys, just great. Tim, she makes more sense than the guys at Film Comment. Any chance she's seen the third Matrix? Cause I don't get that for nuthin'.

Hey, I was up in your state this weekend. My brother-in-law lives (for the next two weeks) in North Attleborough so we went to visit his family.

Took a ride over to Newbury Comics - what's up with them? They've got 1/256 of their store devoted to comics ALL the way in the way, way back. If it weren't for the tpbs, you'd have thought comics were invented 2 years ago. I had better luck at the Borders down the road...

Timothy Callahan said...

I live on the opposite end of the state, so I haven't been to Newbury Comics in about 20 years. That's probably why they don't have many comics on display. They know I'm not going to come in.

Unknown said...

Dude, a little light on TEMPLE OF DOOM, don't you think?

Eh, actually, that's fine by me. It's my least favorite. Yeah, leaving out the crappy middle movie equals good critic.

Follows after Daddy!