Thursday, May 22, 2008

Geeks With Issues #19: NYCC and Me

These guys do a cable access show in my hometown and even though I'd never met them before, they tracked me down at the New York Comic-Con for an interview. My bit comes in around the 20:30 mark, and you can see me talk about the Morrison and Legion books.

I don't know if you can hear me above all the crowd noise, but you can see me gesture a lot.

Also, this video is squished in the improper aspect ratio--I'm not even close to that skinny.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tim -

I was trying to sit on letting all our fine interviewees know about the episode until after I fixed the aspect ration problem...but it seems that you were to excited to wait. Thank you - I consider that high praise.

Here's the link to the new, correct aspect ration version, in case you'd like to not look like a bean pole:

Hope all is well - we'll see you again on August 17th, when we're both involved in the "Superhero Splendor" workshop in Pittsfield. Take care until then!

Geeks With Issues