Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fantastic Four #557 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

I didn't feel like posting another image of Fantastic Four #557 here, since I just posted it along with a link to my CBR review. So here's FF #57 for your eye-pleasing delight. Giant Dr. Doom heads, surfing aliens, Wyatt Wingfoot?!? Now that's the Fantastic Four. So the question is: how good is this new Mark Millar/Bryan Hitch version? Why does Chad Nevett hate it so much? Why do I defend it? Does the final issue of the "Nu-World" story arc make any kind of sense? Are giant robots enough to make something friggin' awesome?

All of these questions and more, answered in the newest installment of THE SPLASH PAGE.

Sometimes people don't like clicking on the words, "The Splash Page." Maybe it's the ALL-CAPS scaring them away. If you're one of those people, you can read what Chad and I have to say about FF #557 by clicking here.

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