Sunday, April 13, 2008

Criminal #2 Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

Chad Nevett ranked Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's Criminal as one of the Top 10 comics of 2007. I scoffed.

I wasn't impressed with the first story arc at all, and I didn't bother to read the second.

That was at the end of 2007. Have I changed my opinion since then? Am I destined to get a beat down by a punk kid like Nevett? Do I even like comics?

Find out in the newest installment of THE SPLASH PAGE. Read it, in all of its glory: HERE


Marc Caputo said...

(ahem) (cough)

(so did Caputo)


Timothy Callahan said...

Well, obviously. It goes without saying.

After all, everyone knows you have good taste in comics.

What was that Millar/Hitch comic you thought was so good a month ago? I can't quite remember the name of it...

Marc Caputo said...

Dude, that hurt.

Why don't you go and bring up the fact that was a strong vocal proponent of the Busiek Superman run and that I thought, given time, it could rival his Avengers run and REALLY make me feel stupid?

Oh, again.

Well, some of the comics I like are good.

Chad Nevett said...

Ah, we all make those mistakes. Look at how fast Midnighter went from "could make the top ten in 2008" to dropped... what, two months? Nothing wrong with hoping for the best out of a book.

Marc Caputo said...

Well, I'm one of those people who keep buying a book - not because I hope it'll get better, but because I don't really read as much as I can as often as I can. I tend to store up and then read an arc when it finishes. I've tried to change my reading habits, but I get so damn busy.

RE: Midnighter. I wanted it to be good - I truly love the character. I actually haven't read it since Giffen came on. When you guys started dropping it, I said, OK maybe after this arc. Then they announced it was getting canceled, so I said, the hell with it, I'll pick up the last 3.

I don't think it'll be as good as DnA's Majestic - which I out and out loved. But then again my man-love for those two knows no end.