Monday, March 03, 2008

New, New Gods

Grant Morrison describing Final Crisis:
The DC superheroes see the New Gods as other superheroes in the way that Orion or Barda can join the Justice League. They’ve never understood that what they really are are f---ing gods. This story’s about the first time Darkseid actually manifests on the planet. Everything we’ve ever seen before has been kind of projections from the world of the New Gods and for the first time we’re seeing them in their full power. And it’s like what would happen if a god appeared on the planet. Galactus is one god. This is a whole bunch of them—that’s how bad it is.

I think the notion that the New Gods have never been seen in their true form is much more shockingly strange than the idea that all 69 years of Batman stories have actually happened in the past 15 years of Bruce Wayne's life.

We've never actually seen Darkseid, according to Final Crisis. I guess the future Darkseid of "The Great Darkness Saga" was also a projection, and not his real form, then.

Is anyone NOT eagerly anticipating Final Crisis? (Do you think we're just setting ourselves up for disappointment?)


Marc Caputo said...

I hope not. I'm re-reading a lot of Morrison (as well as Miller) and finding that he's better than I've been ranting about for years.

And since people like you have let us know that it's OK and Morrison knows what he's on about in Batman, I'm putting the issues by my bedstand. I read "Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul" yesterday just to get those two issues out of the way - it wasn't terrible. Actually, it was a little more streamlined than "Messiah CompleX" - nothing offensively bad, just an enjoyable Bat-venture.

Finally, I don't think we're going to be disappointed with FC. With Infinite Crisis, the art was a botch job, but the concepts were solid. The execution was the main problem. With Morrison, he's had 20 years with DC, getting ready for this. If I had to guess, I'd say that we're going to be surprised at how far DC's going to let him run with this.

Chad Nevett said...

It's Morrison and Jones, man. As this book gets closer, I get more excited (despite a horribly mundane cover for the first issue).

I find it really funny how this and "Secret Invasion" were announced around the same time and I was very into SI and kind of iffy on FC--and now it's totally turned around.

I agree with Marc: this is something Morrison has been building up to for a long time in a lot of ways and as long as DC stays out of his way, it will rock the fucking house.

Although, I am wondering if he's set the bar a little high with never having seen the true forms of the New Gods yet... puts a bit of pressure to deliver some really amazing True New Gods.

marcwrz said...

I like the idea that The New Gods are finally going to be seen as well gods.

Anyone else love that Countdown has seemingly zip to tie into this though?

Well except Jimmy Olsen banging a new god and snagging their powers after death.

I'm pumped for Secret Invasion as well though, nice counter-balance, as that will be hopefully a be a shit hits the fan with no one to trust type series while Final Crisis brings the noise and puts our heroes up against the fight of their lives.

Also, Darkseid's true form? Big evil purple space cloud. You heard it here first. haha

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess that explains how the New Gods in Seven Soldiers were different than any New Gods we've seen before.

I can't wait for Final Crisis to begin.